The Chef Essentials course provides a basic understanding of Chef's core components, basic architecture, commonly used tools, and basic troubleshooting methods. You’ll learn what it means to turn infrastructure into code so that you can automate the configuration, deployment and management of your servers. You’ll also learn about Chef architecture and the set of tools included in the Chef Development Kit (ChefDK). Finally, we’ll show you how to test your infrastructure code.

At the end of the course, you’ll come away with a repo and the skills to start automating your own infrastructure.

Developers and system administrators.

Writing code (of just about any flavor) in a text editor

Working on the command line

Basic system administration – installing packages, configuring those packages, starting service

This course is delivered through a mix of instructor-led training (ILT – online/offline) and hands-on labs.

2 Days

Course price: INR 20,000 + 15% ST


Chef resources



Testing cookbooks

Details about the system

Desired state and data

Workstation installation

The Chef server

Community cookbooks

Managing multiple nodes




Further resources